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When I am lead to a source of knowledge and information that is reputable, loving and honest I feel hopeful ..encouraged. When that source of information questions our existing reality/statusd quo and causes me to think then I am better for it. As I right this excitement, a sense of joy...even sense of accomplishment is felt. I am excited to be in the midst of those that are like minded. I makes feel joyful to feel with the help of content from this site, I will be closer to becoming the person I was meant to be. Having quickly perused the content here, I DO I feel somewhat accomplished. In saying that at quick glance, content here is juicy and not for the faint of heart, I imply that what I perused thus far is out there, it's gritty! I do feel lead to this site. I also feel that had I been lead to this site earliuer in my evoution, I would not have appreciated it as much. Now however, I can sink my teeth in and feast on evey morsal

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