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Leathur Rokk

Leathur Rokk


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Hi.I am a YouTube content creator.My background is total showbiz!I was a Hollywood actor of film and television plus a stage dancer plus a rock video dancer and model.


I was in Hollywood when 9/11 happened.9/11 changed my life.NOT just because the gigs stopped and i had to leave California. When i had to go back home,I got to help take care of my Dad.And I also had a tv i could watch on any channel i desired, so I found Fox News Channel and THAT helped to turn me from Democrat to Republican.I found myself a big fan of President George W Bush.Loved him so much that I went to his 2nd Inauguration.


Fast forward to today.I;m glad Donald Trump won. I attended HIS inauguration also.Atlantic City NJ is not too far away from Washington  DC.Besides, my Mom used to work at his Trump Taj Mahal.He provided us a good job that paid the rent and my Dads insurance so he got decent medical care.


Now I am taking care of my Mom and I am doing YouTube,and when the time comes i shall buy a used jitney (13 seater minibus used for public transit in Atlantic City) I aim to retrofit with a used cooking oil engine  (AKA 'biodiesel) so I can tour the USA with my 2 cats and eventually end up back in Los Angeles where i HOPE i can park next to a friend's place.I know it is technically illegal to sleep in vehicles in Los Angeles but guess what?Rents are too damn high! And i do NOT wanna be on the street again.Been there done that......


I was supposed to be a star.Who says it still cannot happen?


I got a better head on my shoulders plus i am clean and sober except for weed.I am responsible now in ways i was not before 9/11.


If I'd "made it" when i was younger I probably would have OD'd.Now i won't be making mistakes like that.

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