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Jason Forester



Another refugee from Facebook. A friend recommended Eureka as an alternative. I will hopefully coax many more friends here in time!

I have been living in a self-built off grid hideout in my local wood for the past 4 months. I survived in the snow with little more than a waterproof membrane for a roof & sandbag/wooden walls. There is still a lot of work to do before next winter, but it's home!
I am completely hidden, becoming quite the master of stealth it seems.
Had enough of doing the matrix thing & wanted to see if I could survive outside the walls.

Follow my adventures on Youtube if you so desire: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLETDMJZto-uHM_J3D090i1etBtC6ieUuw

Please add me if you are vegan (or not!), flat earth curious, an off gridder, into esoterics (including astrology), know about the legal name & banking deceptions, know NASA = Hollywood, know the UK government is a mafia organisation etc.

Together we can bring the truth to light.

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