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    A place to post music with political revolutionary or spiritually evolutionary lyrics. Google "songs banned after 911" and you will understand the low quality lyrical content of mainstream music. Music is potentially the most spiritually powerful and revolutionary media...



    • resheyeh

      News Headlines 1st February 2018

      ...illance-society/ICE Finally Gets The Nationwide License Plate Database It's Spent Years Asking Forhttps://www.techdirt.com/articles/20180129/16200039113/ice-finally-gets-nationwide-...


      • resheyeh

        News Headlines 8th September 2017

        ...30303\r\nMillions facing Hurricane Irma in Florida warned 'when you dial 911, you will not get an answer'h...btimes.co.uk/millions-facing-hurricane-irma-florida-warned-when-you-dial-911-you-will-not-get-answer-16385...


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        • ura soul

          great, thanks - i will also be making a video series for youtube at some point on healing and am part way through a documentary about 911. if you know any animators who might want to help out then point them to me for sure! i can't really pay, but...more

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            he confuses yin and yang, yes - which leads on to other issues. the only video from him that i've put in ureka is his one on 911, because he made good points in there which i have not heard elsewhere.



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