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4 results for "DAESH"

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    • ura soul

      contradictory evidence regarding ISIS - ISIL - DAESH in the group: conspiracy realists

      many researchers have now uncovered that significant numbers of the acts of military violence on earth are 'false flags' initiated by one group, pretending to be another group - to give justification to their pre-existing war agenda. in the case of ISIS, their brutality and heartless agenda is we...

      keywords: ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, al quaeda, terrorism, terrorist, CIA, MOSSAD, MI5, coverup, denial

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      • ura soul

        50 Defense Dept. Whistleblowers Slam "Stalinist" Pentagon Officials For Lying About ISIS in the group: conspiracy realists

        “The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command."

        keywords: ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, al quaeda, terrorism, terrorist, coverup, denial, syria, obama

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        • ura soul

          Staged ISIS Execution Video leaked by hackers in the group: conspiracy realists

          A group of Russian hackers called Cyber Berkut have released a video showing a staged ISIS beheading, hacked from an electronic device from one of the staff of U.S. Senator John McCain. The fake ISIS execution appears to take place inside a film studio and shows a ‘prisoner’ (played b...

          keywords: isis, isil, daesh, jihadi john, psyops, beheading


          • ura soul

            isis in the group: transforming disaster

            evidence and imagery related isis / isil / daesh

            keywords: isis, isil, daesh, islamic state