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    • cataleptik

      google Ngram "discord" January 27, 2019

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      • cataleptik

        malaclypse the elder

        In the twentieth century, practically NO ONE understood the Discordian Society. Leave it to Pope Bob the XXIII, also known as Mordecai the Foul, to pass away and become almost obscen...

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        • ura soul

          Text, Voice & Audio Chat for Ureka Is Now Available Via Discord! in the group: network information

          Adding text, video and audio chat to Ureka has been a goal for some time. Having experimented with some software solutions it was found that none of the free ones that were tested were up to a level of reliability that we need here. However, in recent years an alternative option has become very p...

          keywords: help, chat, ureka, discord, videochat, audiochat


          • cataleptik

            Discordian Pope Makes Declaration Of Profoundity and Pontification

            I hearby state online in this form of glowing inkless type that I am now a Pope of the House of Apostles of Eris.   Furthermore I have chosen my official Pope Name and Area:   I am now Pope Brain Washington (You may address me as Pope Brain, or Your Stylishness) and I am Pope of Cl...

            keywords: Discord, Slack, Pope, Eris, Brain, Washington, brainwashing, Fnord, Flax