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4 results for "Gargle"

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    • cataleptik

      Gargle - Bridges The Gap

      the gap between haves and have nots is atrocity itself.  only: people of heart and soul can see this!  the disparity, the unfairness, and how it could be fixed.  giving everyone equal and fair access to information, sharing information to empower everyone...that's what I'm all a...

      keywords: gargle, art, promotions, promos, graphics, The Gap

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      • cataleptik

        Gargle - Good Forever.

        I think it's a better slogan than "Don't be evil."  Looking back, "Don't be evil" seems like it was just begging for people to come and say "oh, yeah?"  

        keywords: gargle, google, graphics

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        • cataleptik

          gargle aquarius 1

          Yep, that's Neptune transiting sidereal Aquarius as of February 2019, as far as at least one online virtual telescope can see...

          keywords: Neptune, Aquarius, Sydreal, Sidereal, Astronomy, Astrology, Gargle, Gargle Analytics, Gargle Humour, Gargle Humor, SubGenius, RUoW, Right Use Of Will, Fuck You

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          • cataleptik

            Chris Zelov - Aug 1994 Air date You Tube Compression

            Chris Zelov - Aug 1994 Air date Buckminster Fuller was a design outlaw. He shattered preconceived notions of how buildings and machines should be put together.   The result was the geodesic dome, the 60 mile-per-gallon Dymaxion Car, the self-sufficient Dymaxion House and host of other inve...

            keywords: invention, transfiguration, spirit, Fuller, Metatron, Eighth Density, creative intelligence, Timothy Leary, Kairos, Gargle, Don't Be Evil, Urantia