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    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      both body and mind need to be balanced. without a healthy body, the mind has no practical function on earth. without a healthy mind - attuned to the body - there can be no coherence to the growth and evolution of the rest.


      • ura soul

        polyunnel with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, melons and more!

        there are numerous different types of vegetables and some fruit in here now.. the start of the summer is causing some rapid growth and temperatures are sometimes over 100 degrees even on not so sunny days!

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        • Aknight

          Change Your Programming - First Steps

          I was hesitating on posting this...until I saw the comment about Gaia/lava/and being happy to see me!  The levels of coincidence and cosmic humor ( at least to me...

          keywords: Guided Meditation, self Actualization, Peace, Consciousness, Growth

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          • ura soul

            De-Occulting the Las Vegas Shooting in the group: conspiracy realists

            ...not claim to. In the course of my life, I have changed my opinion and position countless times on things I was once very passionate about. This is growth. This is the evolution of the...


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