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    • innerverse

      comment on "InnerVerse / Ureka - HeART Sweepstakes"

      @ura-soul\r\nthis is the contest entry page, I may not have been clear enough but you are able to enter if you already have a profile, simply making a post tagging "innerverse" will count as an entry.\r\n 



      • innerverse

        3.6 - Whole Heart Healing (Traumatic Brain Injury Documentary Preview)

        ...tening, and extra big thanks to all of you who are pledged to support InnerVerse on Patreon. Because of your h...eded and keep improving this podcast every week.Go to www.patreon.com/innerverse to pledge and get some reward...

        keywords: innerverse, podcast, documentary, heart, healing, traumatic brain injury


        • innerverse

          Syncrenlightenment - Santo Daime & Psychedelic Spirituality

          Tyler, a member of the Santo Daime church of psychedelic healing, dropped by the studio to talk about his experiences with the organization.

          keywords: innerverse, podcast, santo daime, plant medicine, religion, spirituality


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          • Amy

            by Amy

            I work in the nursing home business specifically with dementia patients and see this daily! So sad that most staff cannot understand the concept of our Alzheimer's patients exhibiting "behaviors" as a form of communication. Rather than listening...more

            • innerverse

              by innerverse

              Tag "InnerVerse" in a post to gain entry to the contest, and win some art and treasure!

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              • innerverse

                HeART Creations (InnerVerse Loot Contest!)

                This is an album of some of my works over the last few years. The items included here are potential prints you will receive for winning the InnerVerse/Ureka contest I've started. Other treasure will be included in this prize box, but I wanted to give an idea of the art you could receive for winning.

                keywords: art, heart, creativity, creation, innerverse, artist, markers, digital art

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                • innerverse

                  2.23 - Animating the Soul ft. @Moka_Asaki

                  \r\n\r\nLindsey has always liked to draw, doodles, characters, and whatever she's feeling. In this episode we talk about ways to employ creativity as therapy, and the many ways our society tends to sabotage one's motivation to do that. We talk about some negative topics, but the conversation is p...

                  keywords: innerverse, podcast, drawing, art, creativity, creative, artist, anime, mind control, government, culture, society


                  • innerverse

                    2.14 - Activating Originality ft. Brian Pollet (Pixel-Pusha | Digital Artist)

                    \r\nBrian is a friend I made last year at the Untz festival in California. He's been on the show once before, back in episode 1.16. Although we are roughly the same age, I really admire Brian's art and psychedelic courage and look up to him as an aspiring artist myself. He has been to psycho-nau...

                    keywords: innerverse, podcast, digitalart, digital art, psychedelic, pixel pusha, trippy, psyart, plant medicines, consciousness, psychonaut, freedom, liberty, music festival, festie


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