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    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...ecurity to be bypassed just because someone in 'authority' tells you to? Maybe you would - but then you haven't understood security or confidence trickery. These are only the tiny ti...

      • ureka.app

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        ...of that pay is your expected silence in partaking. Now you want to come at me with young improvised girls kidnapped from foreign countries and trafficked or young underage girls who...

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        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          Thanks for your feedback - I was just having a conversation with someone who didn't understand that part and was overwhelmed by the options here. We are looking at ways to improve the interface and I am glad you picked up on what I like here too.

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            thanks for the feedback. i am just putting some finishing touches to the menu here. there will also be fairly major upgrades comingin the next few weeks which may result in the whole site loading 2-4 times quicker! :)

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            • ura soul

              The first produce from my Organic Garden - 2017

              The appearance, feel, smell and taste of the vital energy in freshly picked fruit and veg does not easily c...duce you will find in most 'organic' aisles at your local shop. Today I picked the first fresh food from my...

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              • ura soul

                battery hen

                ...ly a year old, but I am already a 'spent hen.' Humans, I wish I were dead, and soon I will be dead. Look for pieces of my wounded flesh wherever chicken pies and soups are sold." O...

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                • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

                  A picture is worth a thousand words

                  A picture is worth a thousand words Source   Image description   Dimensions  Why so high IQ when my IQ 100 ...when simply I go to my computer and add 


                  • ura soul

                    this is part of you too in the group: cruelty to life

                    'animals' and other life forms are all part of us; we forgot and were tricked into calling them 'food'.

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                    • BlueTruth

                      ROSE/ICKE III: THE LIVESTREAM

                      Join 1,000,000 People To Watch ROSE/ICKE III May 3rd LIVE https://londonreal.tv/live

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