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4 results for "Inspiration"

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    • ura soul

      you have been telling people this is the eleventh hour

      now you must go back and tell the people that is THE HOUR\r\n- The Elders, Hopi Nation

      keywords: hopi, inspiration

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      • ura soul

        you have been assigned this mountain

        to show others it can be moved

        keywords: mountain, spirit, inspiration

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        • cataleptik

          Portrait Of The Artist Watanabe Shinichi

          what is inspiration?  it is...multifarious and has many aspects. to me as an illustrator, one aspect of inspiration is gratitude. something has engaged my imagination, blown my mind, made me laugh and cry.  that inspires me, and i see it, therefore, as the most  necessary and b...

          keywords: samadhi, satori, inspiration, creativity, zen

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          • BlueTruth

            Be The Wave

            If you rearrange the letters a little you get - Behave Wet

            keywords: Inspiration