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12 results for "Luna"



    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      haha.. it's being ungrounded that makes lunatics ;)


      • cataleptik

        Gargle: Good Forever

        ...would eventually give birth, by association, to the Cubism associated with [ablo Picasso and the Surrealism strongly associated with the notorious lunatic-prolific Salvador Dali. &...

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        • cataleptik

          Perspective, Taurus! May 2019 in the group: Crystals & Stones

          INSTAGRAM: @JaneInternational - WEBSITE: http://janeintl.comTaurus May 2019 Tarot Card ReadingTaurus, as you make your way out of some choppy waters, you may feel a bit disoriented, but that feeling won't last long. I cannot believe how powerful your manifestations are right now, but it's going t...

          keywords: tarot, Thelema, Magic, Intention, Desire, Taurus, Luna, Scorpio