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4 results for "Mother of Manifestation"


    • cataleptik

      YOU ARE CONFUSED in the group: Earth Heart Theatre

      This extensive list of titles of the Goddess Aphrodíti (Aphrodite; Gr. Ἀφροδίτη) includes all of the epithets found in Orphic...

      keywords: Aphrodite, Mother of Manifestation, RUoW, Heart, Original Heart


      • SoulFish

        Spiritual Competition, Shamanic Journey & Psychotropic Drugs in the group: Mystical Musings

        ...“Well, peyote is only the grandfather but ayahuasca is the grandmother and she won’t let you g...words to ruminate on when considering one’s own intent and its manifestation....


        • SoulFish

          Rose Quartz in the group: Crystals & Stones

          ...olving effect on emotions that don’t serve the proper manifestation of unconditional love....reported to offer a nurturing and calmness for people whose mothers have passed on as it is itself a mothering crystal. The nurturing quality it...

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          • Master Carpenter and Universal Blueprint

            Important Read RIGHT USE OF WILL material

            ...e two most powerful forces in manifestation. We have been here all...ntal aspects of your Original mother exist mainly between our wives. Our...be used for one thing here in manifestation, and that is to feed mental c...f this universe with the Mother of IT ALL as the center of...

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