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    • ura soul

      Pope Francis and Argentina's Dirty War - a pope's crimes against humanity

      Last week over a billion Catholics around the world watched as the Vatican conclave elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the next Pope. But now, as researchers like Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa are pointing out, Bergoglio's past points to his likely involvement in crimes ...

      keywords: pope, pope francis, argentina, crimes against humanity, heartlessness, denial, catholicism, catholic


      • ura soul

        Public Summons Issued to Pope Francis, Jesuits, Anglicans in the group: transforming disaster

        Formally charged with Crimes against Humanity, inciting Treason and abetting child trafficking, Pope Francis and the heads of the Jesuits and the Anglican Church have been issued a Public Summons. It compels them to appear before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels on March ...

        keywords: vatican, pope, kevin annette, itccs, child trafficking, anglican, church, queen, england, summons, genocide


        • cataleptik

          Discordian Pope Makes Declaration Of Profoundity and Pontification

          I hearby state online in this form of glowing inkless type that I am now a Pope of the House of Apostles of Eris.   Furthermore I have chosen my official Pope Name and Area:   I am now Pope Brain Washington (You may address me as Pope Brain, or Your Stylishness) and I am Pope of Cl...

          keywords: Discord, Slack, Pope, Eris, Brain, Washington, brainwashing, Fnord, Flax