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2 results for "Spin"

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    • ura soul

      Spin: behind the scenes of mainstream news media and politics - via recorded satellite feeds [1995] in the group: conspiracy realists

      satellite feeds revealing U.S. media personalities’ contempt for their viewers come full circle in Spin. TV out-takes appropriated from network satellite feeds unravel the tightly-spun fabric of television—a system that silences public debate and enforces the exclusion of anyone outsi...

      keywords: spin, tv, media, america, government, denial, deception

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      • cataleptik

        skrillex, raving, shamanism in the aquarius emergence in the group: community

        https://www.spin.com/2011/09/new-rave-generation/     Almost 15 years after SPIN prematurely declared an American “electronica revolution,” it’s happening. Led by a former emo foot soldier turned mini-shaman, kids are going mad for electronic dance music. And a fr...

        keywords: cataleptik, skrillex, rave, Spin, punk, dance, revolution, body