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2 results for "Washington"

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    • ura soul

      The New Atlantis: Full Documentary

      documentary that links together black magic, occultism, illuminati, new world order, atlantean ideology, shakespeare, new age, john dee, angelic beings, freemasonry and the origins of america.

      keywords: america, shakespeare, washington, benjamin franklin, francis bacon, constitution, language, english, britain, freemasonry, masons

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      • cataleptik

        Discordian Pope Makes Declaration Of Profoundity and Pontification

        I hearby state online in this form of glowing inkless type that I am now a Pope of the House of Apostles of Eris.   Furthermore I have chosen my official Pope Name and Area:   I am now Pope Brain Washington (You may address me as Pope Brain, or Your Stylishness) and I am Pope of Cl...

        keywords: Discord, Slack, Pope, Eris, Brain, Washington, brainwashing, Fnord, Flax