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    • ura soul

      Trump Won't Save Julian Assange - He Has No Honor And Is Just a Puppet.

      ...into the prison system - some people are expecting Donald Trump to take action.. Afterall, didn't he say he...'worth more alive than dead'. It's almost as if Trump is mirroring the actions of the UK parliament in doin...

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      • cataleptik

        test post

        ...at the people who research this tend to fall into mental trapsand then --- without displaying much in the way of free will, repeat the same futile actions.the REAL perpetrators are th...


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        • ura soul

          bertrand russell brand

          ...world order'. if you are going to rebutt this idea, you are going to need to rebutt the factual evidence presented here and go beyond knee-jerk reactions.\r\nyou decide!...

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          • ura soul

            flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance

            ...an overlap of communication that allows/represents harmonious interaction between each circle/being, wi...one who observes ants, then their circles (auras) will overlap and interactions will occur on the subjects t...

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            • ura soul

              children's dolls and the roots of psychopathy and heartlessness in the group: aligning self for freedom

              as a child i was given a variety of 'toy dolls' to play with. since i was male, i was given 'action man' - the all-round killing machine with no genitals and no emotions. the females that were living near me were given 'barbie' or 'cindy' dolls - the equally emotion-less clothes horse with disfig...

              keywords: psychopathy, right use of will, denial, heartlessness, heart, balance, ken, barbie, cindy, action man, toy dolls, receptivity, yin, yang, polarity, toys, children, mind control, mkultra, schooling

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