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3 results for "activity"

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    • ura soul

      how private do you prefer the activity page to be? in the group: network information

      presently the activity page shows most of the site activity (while respecting privacy settings of individual items. an alternative approach would be to do what many other social networks are doing and only allow the activity stream to be visible by co-creators and of the community and also t...

      keywords: activity, river, privacy, feedback, features

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      • ura soul

        enhancement: the activity page now auto refreshes in the group: network information

        while fixing the shout feature on the activity page, i took the opportunity to enable auto-refreshing of the activity on the activity page. so now you will see the list update in realtime as activity takes place on the site.

        keywords: activity, enhancement, features, refresh


        • ura soul

          enhancement: activity page now supports advanced filtering in the group: network information

          a great new feature has been added to ureka that makes the activity page much more useful. you can now filter the main activity list to only show items within specific zones, from all of your zones, within specific time periods, of a particular type (such as videos, thoughts and photos) - plus an...

          keywords: features, activity, filters, sorting, design, enhancement