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  • HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

    The study of herbs could take many lifetimes and there are a lot of sub categories and "herbal adjacent" things to study besides how they heal physically. As with life itself, the physical, mental and spiritual can all be healed and enhanced using herbs and there are a wide variety of ways, from teas and tinctures to Rootwork in the Hoodoo or in the Gypsy tradition and even to the use of entheogens, to explore.\r\nThis zone is meant to be open to ALL of those avenues of study and discussion.\r\nDISCLAIMER\r\nNone of the information presented here is meant to replace medical treatment. Only use herbs as medicine if you know what you are doing, not if you just THINK you know what you’re doing, if you’re wrong there can be negative side effects. Improper use of herbs, just as improper use of prescription drugs, can harm or kill. Remember, natural doesn't always mean safe.\r\nCross reference at least three reliable sources of information before taking an herb. Be sure about dosage and...
  • Crystals & Stones

    This zone will include healing as well as metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals, stones and rocks. More will come up as new questions and discussions occur within the zone.\r\nA really good source of basic information is a website called Crystal Vaults, much of the information included here about the basics of crystals will be from there. The information there is by no means exhaustive and to be clear form the beginning they are indeed in sales and no, I don't work for them nor do I stand to gain a thing by linking them, their info is just a useful starting point. I include this "go-to" for quick information as the tip of a  very large iceberg that is only the beginning of a long journey to learning more. Consider it a catalyst to knowledge that will hopefully lead to the wisdom that comes in the experiences birthed by that knowledge. It will start off as very basic "stuff" and expand in time. Other sites I reference...
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    • cataleptik

      New Weird Experimental Manga PEDRO SAGA in the group: Earth Heart Theatre

      ...re a w*rk in process...the sequel of devotion, love, revenge and absurdity. He is back from the grave to rescue his daughter and set the record straight. The Man Is D. O. W. N. b...


      • cataleptik

        Cycle-Logic Astrology by Syd Real

        informed heavily by Rob Breszny of Free Will/Real Astrology and the Beauty And Truth Lab Linda Goodman of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Love Signs, Star Signs and astronomy   for entertainment purposes primarily


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        • ura soul

          Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists in the group: conspiracy realists

          ...ts into genomics and mapping the brain for AI.Next I look at Robert Maxwell...RY mini doc on "Midnight Climax" brainwashing: https://www.history....-55908Maxwell Family: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3357...cier-jeffrey-epstein-helps-bring-brain-science-to-the-public-282283...


          • ura soul

            Cancer Is The Failure Of Cellular Respiration in the group: holistic healing

            Cancer Is The Failure Of Cellular Respirationht...thomaslodi.com/Cancer is the failure of cellular respiration....discovery that cancer is the failure of cellular respiration.W...sion.It starts expressing certain genes to support fermentatio...pdV4pHd07RRk9UELF#canceristhefailureofcellularrespiration#cell...


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