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    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      every meat eater is pushing their dietary choices on others.animals assert their self sovereignty in not so different ways to humans - they can be overpowered just like humans can be.the hunting animals, like many animals (and humans) are...more

      • harmony

        by harmony

        all animals are in touch with father and mother earth, and with others in other dimensions, they feel and see what most humans have lost - they use telepathy, so may not feel the need to separate from physical body like humans.

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        • ura soul

          vegan body builders

          as you can be fit, healthy and strong without harming animals, then why would you want to harm them?

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          • ura soul

            sunday dog meat

            ...ted' to the majority of humans often includes the false idea that some animals are for eating and some are partners. this is an error as we do not benefit from eating dead animals and our bodies are truly adap...

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            • ura soul

              exploring the environment

              images from my journeys around the planet's interesting and exciting areas!

              keywords: environment, land, green, animals, beaches, camping, travel, camp


              • ura soul

                no animal testing is necessary in the group: cruelty to life

                there is nothing you can learn through lab tests on life forms that cannot be learned through increasing internal awareness, receptivity to truth, honesty and love. if you are focussed and desire this, you will allow this in your reality. self acceptance is more powerful than science.

                keywords: science, animal cruelty, animals, laboratory, makeup, cosmetics, heartlessness, cats

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                • ura soul

                  fasting as a therapy for increased health in the group: holistic healing

                  ...misunderstood and rarely given acceptance in many areas of earth, fasting remains one of the most effective ways of bringing the body to balance. animals will generally refuse food fo...

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                  • ura soul

                    veganism: eating to increase health, while reducing harm and suffering in the group: nutritional balance

                    over and over it has been shown through lived experience and scientific process that eating dead animals is dangerous to human health. switching to alternatives, such as a plant based...

                    keywords: veganism, vegan, meat, diet, heartlessness, animals, balance, peace, nutrition, health, healing, food, vegetarian, dairy, milk

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