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2 results for "anti-semitism"

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    • ura soul

      the phrase 'anti-semitic' does NOT refer to being 'anti-jew'. 'semitic' is a language group that includes arabic. in the group: metymology

      the word 'semitic' refers to a language group that includes arabic as well as hebrew. those that claim that anyone who is identified as being 'anti-jew' are 'anti-semitic' are simply unaware of the definition of the words that they are using. see the wikipedia page below for a full definition of ...

      keywords: semitic, anti-semitism, anti-semitic, semite, language, hebrew, arabic, denial, doublethink, mis-information

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      • ura soul

        Israeli Minister "We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust" in the group: conspiracy realists

        Shulamit Aloni, former israeli minister, admits that the holocaust and the "antisemite" accusation are used to manipulate those who criticize zionists. This clip was from the 8/14/2002 democracy Now! broadcast. Thankyou to thefifthseal's channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/thefifthseal and Democ...

        keywords: jew, jewish, israeli, israel, semitic, semite, anti-semitic, anti-semitism, denial

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