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  • open hearted science

    open hearted science is the application of intelligence with an open heart and true feelings; where no choice is made that is heartless or that causes suffering. eternal living, loving light!
  • sacred shapes / geometry

    sacred geometry is the awareness and application of numerical constants to form and exploration of resonance within consciousness. \r\nthe planets are in some senses an exploration of sacred geometry, as are our bodies.. living formations of our will into shapes and expressions. within the 'everyday' patterns we may have become numbed to are numbers that reveal the essential beauty and strength of the essence of us and of creation.\r\nthe knowledge of the constants that have become known as sacred geometries has been encoded into the many large structures that cover the surface of earth, from the many pyramids, earth structures (mounds) through to the many stone cities, temples and beyond; they mostly, if not all, share a mathematical mapping and express constants and principles which are now being more and more widely comprehended.\r\nwhat can we learn from this? whatever we intend to, choose to and allow to be real. the scope is infinite.


    • ureka.app

      comment on "comments"

      Steem User (@thomas-ryan) said: if chosen, why destroy one of there most powerful weapons msm mind control to attack a puppet and why go through the risky lengths of spying with false FISA applications to take out a puppet, they would never do this to Jeb or Rubio? Its a sincere question.

      • cataleptik

        comment on "Entropy is the evil of destroying life in love"

        https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/103540/correct-application-of-desires-a-true-tale-of-psionic-battling     oh, amuro, you're not hallucinating. in fact, you're very str...

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        • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

          My News Punch DEJAHANG

          ...that month alone, corresponding to individuals purchasing firearms. Bear in mind too that each individual can buy several guns under the same application. Bear in mind too that the US...


          • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

            My News Punch DR F DEJAHANG-PAST 10 DAYS-P1

            ...ate with specific entities and thus cause targeted effects. All true, but not relevant to human health in this application. There will be surprises ("challenges") in the broad application of 5G, but human medical heal...


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            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              the definition, etymology and application of the word 'authority' nearly always involves 'command' and 'obedience'. these ideas are in direct opposition to 'care'. to 'author' is to 'write' / 'create' and free will prohibits others from writing you.

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                'authority' is mostly fiction and certainly doesn't come about by way of votes and job applications.

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                • ura soul

                  smart gardener - an online garden planning application in the group: permaculture

                  this is an intelligently designed and laid out application for designing and keep track of your vegetable, fruit, herb and any other type of garden. you can design your space, choose plants, add your own plants and plan the growing diary as you prefer.

                  keywords: garden, fruit, vegetables, permaculture, diary, application, grow, food