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4 results for "application"


    • ureka.app

      comment on "comments"

      Steem User (@thomas-ryan) said: if chosen, why destroy one of there most powerful weapons msm mind control to attack a puppet and why go through the risky lengths of spying with false FISA applications to take out a puppet, they would never do this to Jeb or Rubio? Its a sincere question.

      • cataleptik

        comment on "Entropy is the evil of destroying life in love"

        https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/103540/correct-application-of-desires-a-true-tale-of-psionic-battling     oh, amuro, you're not hallucinating. in fact, you're very str...

        • cataleptik

          comment on "Entropy is the evil of destroying life in love"

          it's a short thing for me to say 'you should study tantra'  but you should study tantra, it's history. the tantric applications in religion come out of the aftermath of Buddha's...

          • harmony

            comment on "fracking / shale gas drilling: poisoning the surface of the earth"

            This fracking business is a nightmare! it is now threatening all over the uk, with license applications all over yorkshire! rotherham already has a license granted, barnsley is under re...