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4 results for "arctic"


    • ura soul

      Exploring The Lost Continent of Atlantis! in the group: earth heart

      ...asked with identifying what the grid of lines on the bottom of the ocean is. They also examined a grid of dots on the bottom of the ocean near the arctic. As it turns out, Google res...

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      • cataleptik

        test post

        ...ows, show you some stills from a project in development to explain just what i mean.see where HAARP is in this line-art mockup? In Alaska near the Arctic Circle. ( sarah palin thinks...


        • resheyeh

          News Headlines 9th August 2017_2

          ...eedom-security-now-privacy-convenience.htmlNew Satellite Images Show Antarctica's 1 Trillion Ton Iceberg in...ail (PHOTOS)http://www.thedailysheeple.com/new-satellite-images-show-antarcticas-1-trillion-ton-iceberg-in-s...


          • resheyeh

            News Headlines 5th August 2017_2

            ...debt-slavery-fake-money-final-collapseAncient Elongated Skulls  Antarctica From ANCIENT ALIEN DNAhttp://investmentwatchblog.com/ancient-elongated-skulls-antarctica-from-ancient-alien-dna-skull...