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    • resheyeh

      News Headlines 9th September 2017

      ...kyi-nobel-prize-petition/\r\nSatellite images released of burned Myanmar areahttp://www.philstar.com/world/2017/09/09/1737276/satellite-images-released-burned-myanmar-area\r\nRed Zone sealed as Islamab...


      • resheyeh

        News Headlines 28th August 2017

        Iraqi Forces Recapture Remaining Areas From Daesh Near Tal Afarhttp://www.namnewsnetwork.org/v3/read.php?id=NDAyMDYxCeasefire Declared on Syria-Lebanon Border, ISIS to Evacuatehttp:/...


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        • ura soul

          5 Things Bob Lazar Should Never Have Known... But DID.. in the group: cosmic interactions

          ...S. Government location attached to the infamous Area 51 at Groom Lake. He also gav...were flying saucers. #BobLazarisBack Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers is no...id1441638753 https://vimeo.com/ondemand/BobLazarArea51 Website: https://www.top5s....

          keywords: et, ufo, bob lazar, area 51, s4, groom lake, nevada, coverup, denial, us


          • ura soul

            SHADOW WARRIOR: AN INTERVIEW WITH UGENE B. CULSON in the group: conspiracy realists

            I interview an original MKUltra Super Soldier Shadow Warrior involved in 444 operations including; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Waco, Jonestown, Alice in Wonderland, Auror...

            keywords: supersoldier, mkultra, vietnam, area 51, monarch mind control


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