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28 results for "arthritis"


    • SoulFish

      MALACHITE in the group: Crystals & Stones

      ...relieve menstrual cramps as well as pain from other ailments such as arthritis or stiff joints. It strengthe...ey do related to their job. It also lowers blood pressure, helps with arthritis, epilepsy, joint pain, growth...


      • SoulFish

        MEDICINAL HERBS: Liniments in the group: HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

        ...tracts that are rubbed into the skin over areas of soreness caused by strained muscles and ligaments.  They also help with inflammation and arthritis. Generally they will include...

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        • ura soul

          How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally in the group: holistic healing

          Go to https://owners.leadpages.net/ars-prelaunch/ for an early bird special on my latest, and most comprehensive arthritis reversal system.\n\n\n\nAt http://bergmanchiropractic.com and http://Owners-Guide.com we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health. http://SkypePackage.com for ...

          keywords: arthritis, veganism, stress, diet, vegan, blood pressure, indigestion, blood pressure, healing, antioxidants, aspirin


          • ura soul

            Healing Arthritis and Inflammation in the group: holistic healing

            http:www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com Loren discusses how arthritis and inflammation are usually healed via fasting long-enough and properly and discusses the case of a 70 year-old woman who healed much of the disfigurement in her hands after more than 30 years of crippling arthritis and was able...

            keywords: fasting, arthritis, inflammation, healing, balance, health, joints, bones


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