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    • Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ

      Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ

      • cataleptik

        gargle aquarius 1

        Yep, that's Neptune transiting sidereal Aquarius as of February 2019, as far as at least one online virtual telescope can see...

        keywords: Neptune, Aquarius, Sydreal, Sidereal, Astronomy, Astrology, Gargle, Gargle Analytics, Gargle Humour, Gargle Humor, SubGenius, RUoW, Right Use Of Will, Fuck You

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        • cataleptik

          Cycle-Logic Astrology by Syd Real

          informed heavily by Rob Breszny of Free Will/Real Astrology and the Beauty And Truth Lab Linda Goodman of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Love Signs, Star Signs and astronomy   for entertainment purposes primarily

          keywords: astrology, astronomy, synchronicity


          • cataleptik

            window to the soul: sun in sydereal pisces March 2019


            keywords: sydereal, sidereal, astrology, pisces, psychic, magic

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            • cataleptik

              the astrologer as surrealist comic. scrolling experiment "For Entertainment Purposes...Only" in the group: Earth Heart Theatre

                cataleptik.chiptruth - > Recent Entries> Archive> Friends> User Info> punk is dead and blood comes out here April 24th, 2019     07:44 pm astrology, Demeter, Belial, Perse...

              keywords: Satan, Aryaman, Lucifer, Chaitanya, struggle, caste, class division, Persephone, Kore, Demeter, astrology

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