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3 results for "bias"

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    • ura soul

      media bias in the group: slavery today

      the lamestream media of this planet is commonly twisted in favor of the agenda of those who 'own' the group. why would you 'work' for someone who thinks they 'own' you and can direct your actions? that is slavery.

      keywords: media, bias, newspapers, news media, corruption, denial, news


      • ura soul

        FRANCE: Double standards of Freedom of Speech (MUST WATCH) in the group: transforming disaster

        The clear proof of double standards, you have freedom to talk about one religion, but not allowed to talk about another religion.\nFreedom of Speech is a lie and used for creating divisions and serves political objectives.\n\nJe suis Charlie Hebdo

        keywords: media manipulation, bias, france, double standards


        • ura soul

          American Medical Association Complicity with Big Tobacco in the group: conspiracy realists

          Mainstream medicine’s permissive attitude towards smoking in the face of overwhelming evidence can be an object lesson for contemporary medical collusion with the food industry. If the balance of scientific evidence favors plant-based eating, why isn’t the medical profession at the fo...

          keywords: tobacco, corruption, ama, medical, denial, heartlessness, cancer, lung cancer, greed, bias, science, medical journals, sugar, processed food