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    • cataleptik

      one blogger's interpretation of blockchain and the Internet of Things in the group: network information

      The Blockchain and IOT Convergence The Blockchain and IOT Convergence by - Neeraj Benjamin on - January 14, 2019 Internet of Things (IoT) has been making waves and fascinating the technology circles for some time. Creating a secure ecosystem of the IoT architecture has been an i...

      keywords: IoT, blockchain


      • ura soul

        Integration of Steem Into Ureka.org Is Going Well :) in the group: network information

        I have been really hard at work for the last few weeks, integrating the Steem blockchain into the social network I run called Ureka.org: Earth Heart Community. I now have a functional Steem Dapp running over here - with ability to post to Steem, reply and vote on posts/comments. :) Since Ureka i...

        keywords: steem, ureka, technology, blockchain, news

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        • ura soul

          Ureka.org - The Latest Steem dApp - Every Avalanche Begins With A Single Snowflake! in the group: network information

          I am pleased to announce that the foundation level of features integration of Steem at www.ureka.org is now live. Ureka users can crosspost to the Steem blockchain, comment, vote and earn rewards for their content on Ureka. There are some novel aspects to the way Steem works on Ureka since it has...

          keywords: ureka, blockchain, cryptocurrency, steem, news, technology


          • ura soul

            The New Steem Blockchain Wallet At Ureka.org: Earth Heart Community in the group: network information

            After a couple of weeks of hard work, we now have a fully featured Steem wallet at ureka.org. Ureka: Earth heart community is a fully featured social network that is aimed at helping us heal, balance and evolve. Now, Ureka users can not only post to the Steem blockchain to earn rewards and reach ...

            keywords: ureka, steem, technology, news, blockchain, cryptocurrency