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5 results for "body"

image albums

    • cataleptik

      NIRMANAKAYA - body of light

      art experiment February 2019


      • ura soul

        she in the group: holistic healing

        we all embody a mix of masculine and feminine essence. this polarity has been known by some as the balance of yin and yang. different cultures have often 'experimented' wi...


        • ura soul

          body + will balance in the group: holistic healing

          keywords: body, will, balance, healing


          • ura soul

            food in the group: nutritional balance

            much of what you are sold as food is not food at all - it is simply 'matter' shaped to look like food.\r\nthere is a difference between food and nutrition - one will help you live and one is open to corruption and does not grow freely on this planet.

            keywords: food, fast food, nutrition, body, health, restaurant, diet


            • ura soul

              body geometry in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

              keywords: body, geometry

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