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6 results for "boom festival"


    • ura soul

      Boom Festival 2016 – Diaries – Day 7 in the group: music, harmony & vibration

      As our gathering draws to its end, the vibe of Oneness is omnipresent. It's very noticeable when we look at Boom as a whole, at Boom from above: Architectural structures, Land Art and Boomers appear as one living entity! http://www.boomfestival.org

      keywords: boom festival, boom, portugal


      • ura soul

        Boom Festival 2012 Film - The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part II) in the group: Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

        Set during Boom Festival 2012 the documentary THE ALCHEMY OF SPIRIT...each other. It is a movie about Boomers that learn together about...re One CREDITS A Movie about the Boom Festival 2012 by Droid-i.d. Production...ction audio: Tiago Inuit www.boomfestival.org FB - BoomFestivalOfficial...

        keywords: boom festival, music, portugal, creativity, event, party

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