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3 results for "boris johnson"

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    • ura soul

      nero johnson

      boris johnson, the mayor of london and the emperor nero of 'ancient rome'. another potential re-embodiement of the same soul essence on our earth plane?

      keywords: boris johnson, nero, reincarnation

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      • ura soul

        Emperor Nero (Boris) Johnson - A Likely Reincarnation Doomed to Repeat History?

        In 2014 I was inspired to draw the connection between Boris Johnston (now British 'Prime Minister') and Emperor Nero - who presided over the fall of ancient Rome. Take a look at the interesting connections I have highlighted here and keep your eyes open for more! Wishing you well, Ura Soul

        keywords: politics, news, boris johnson, reincarnation, spirit


        • ura soul

          How Politics Was Stolen: Leaders Being Chosen in Advance For Their Psychopathy? The Hidden Hand of Oligarchs? in the group: conspiracy realists

          To control an entire planet does not need to require an authoritarian dictatorship if you can control just enough people who themselves control just enough people that you find yourself on top of a global power pyramid. As long as your cronies and puppets follow orders, then their followers will ...

          keywords: politics, brexit, uk, secret societies, eton, boris johnson, corruption, denial, education, cecil rhodes, carroll quigley

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