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3 results for "boston"

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    • ura soul

      boston bombing - photo data in the group: transforming disaster

      images relating to the 2013 boston bombing event

      keywords: boston bombing, boston marathon, boston, photoshop, denial, evidence


      • ura soul

        BOSTON BOMBING, MLK & JFK PERPS EXPOSED CONNECTED TO LEY LINES of 188 in the group: conspiracy realists

        The Great LINE in the Killing of the 2 KINGS and new connections in the Boston Bombing that exposes MASONIC Controlling Factions within the US GOVERNMENT FBI/CIA & City of BOSTON aka the REAL perpetrators of BOTH Illuminati RITUALS! PREQUEL to PART 4: "God-Code Matrix of 188 vs.The Orion Serp...

        keywords: boston bombing, boston, 911, sacred geometry, america, jfk, mkultra, cia, fbi, government

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        • ura soul

          dzokhar tsarnaev' dorm room - post bombing - including the bag he had with him that day

          this image surfaced on tumblr.com which shows a scene from dzokhar tsarnaev's dormitory room and includes the back pack he was seen wearing in the surveillance films of him on that day.many have used the films to claim his responsibility for the bombing since an image surfaced that shows him with...

          keywords: boston, boston bombing, dzokhar tsarnaev, bag

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