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3 results for "boston bombing"


    • ura soul

      WARNING: Graphic Content...? in the group: conspiracy realists

      http://hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.com/2013/04/look-at-hyper-realistic-combat-training.html San Bernardino Hoax Exposed?! Hillarious evidence of A False flag Attack!... ht...

      keywords: crisis actors, hyper realistic training, boston bombing, sandy hook, san bernadino, america, gun control


      • ura soul

        THE SYRIUS LINE of 188 -- SYRIAN FALSE FLAG ON TEOTIHUCAN-STONEHENGE LEY-LINE (Non-Music Version) in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

        4 historical False Flag Events that have had a MAJOR impact on this generation and even planet, that all fall on ONE almost perfectly STRAIGHT GREAT CIRCLE Ley LINE. Is...

        keywords: ley line, 188, syria, false flag, sandy hook, boston bombing, stonehenge, teotihuacan, washington dc, earth, martin luther king, john f kennedy

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        • ura soul

          BOSTON BOMBING, MLK & JFK PERPS EXPOSED CONNECTED TO LEY LINES of 188 in the group: conspiracy realists

          ...2 KINGS and new connections in the Boston Bombing that exposes MASONIC Control...US GOVERNMENT FBI/CIA & City of BOSTON aka the REAL perpetrators of...'s CAPITOL, the Media & CITY OF BOSTON AKA the REAL perpetrators of the Boston Marathon Bombing who are all connected to the...

          keywords: boston bombing, boston, 911, sacred geometry, america, jfk, mkultra, cia, fbi, government

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