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4 results for "britain"


    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...of the evidence for what I am talking about. There is more than one competing group, yes - however, I am talking mainly about the 'democracy' in Britain and the USA....

      • ureka.app

        comment on "How Politics Was Stolen: Leaders Being Chosen in Advance For Their Psychopathy? The Hidden Hand of Oligarchs?"

        ...e fingered the wrong suspect @ura-soul. (((Non-Anglosaxons))) own the world banking systems and are the ones pushing for globalism... Europe (and Britain) is being overrun with non-Eu...

        • ura soul

          comment on "comments"

          ...he video. The session which that video is taken from includes testimonies from many people exposing serious crimes around the world, including in Britain - it is not 'Anti Chinese pro...

          • ura soul

            comment on "Religious Imposition"

            ...have fun. it would be great to have groups without agendas that are just for the purpose of sharing and learning. we don't have  4H group in britain, as far as i am aware.\r\nit...