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14 results for "bugfix"



    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      BUGFIX: Characters will now display correctly when editing a post that has been retrieved from the Steem blockchain.

      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        Bugfix: Items can now be added to Katalists again

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        • ura soul

          BUGFIXES: several fixes for comments and popup images in the group: network information

          I have been busy here the last few days closing the remaining bugs that i know about at ureka. I have now fixed the following annoyances:\r\n\r\nimage pop-ups could not be scrolled correctly on small screen devices.\r\nadding more than one comment to multiple pop-up images would cause the process...

          keywords: bugfix, comments


          • ura soul

            Homepages for the main Zones at Ureka have been tidied and some bugs fixed. in the group: network information

            I have just gone through all of the Zones that I run for Ureka and improved the layout of their homepages, plus fixed some problems I found along the way. Image Galleries now display correctly on Zone homepages and preview images for thoughts/videos etc. will now display in full length as they do...

            keywords: zones, bugfix


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