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2 results for "bugfixes"

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    • ura soul

      speed increases and many fixes are now live at ureka.org in the group: network information

      after a lot of coding, testing and fixing (and some swearing) - ureka.org is now running the much needed, faster and more up to date version of the elgg framework that the site is based on. visitors to the site will notice immediately that the pages are loading more responsively - with some pages...

      keywords: upgrade, features, bugfixes, performance

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      • ura soul

        bugfixed & enhancement: zone and co-creator list pages in the group: network information

        you can now sort the lists of zones in more flexible ways via the main zone page. i have also fixed a bug when sorting the list of co-creators alphabetically while only viewing co-creators who have uploaded an avatar image.\r\nnext up i intend to improve the main activity page to allow more advan...

        keywords: features, bugfixes, sorting, filters