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2 results for "cancer"


    • ura soul

      healing: cancer in the group: holistic healing

      ...successful and mostly free methods for healing cancers having been known and available through most of humanity's experiences of cancer, many remain ignorant and are...in realities which project that 'the cure for cancer' still needs to be sought for...

      keywords: cancer, healing, detox, body, health, well-being, balance, big c

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      • ura soul

        vaccines & related criminal activity in the group: holistic healing

        much evidence exists that vaccinations have long been used as a way to CAUSE illness on a mass scale, rather than prevent illness. this has been partly caused by ignora...

        keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, cancer, detox, lymphoma, ebola, aid, hiv, polio, criminal malfeasance, mass murder, denial, crimes against humanity, soft war, depopulation, agenda 21, autism, mercury, autistic, heavy metals, aluminium, measles, mmr, bcg, pharmaceuticals

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