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3 results for "carrots"

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    • ura soul

      my first ever homegrown carrots (purple dragon)

      having found that every year i grew carrots, they just developed big greens and no root, i decided to grow some in the polytunnel. the result has been great! (the coin is a 2 pence - for size)

      keywords: carrots, polytunnel, food, growing, vegetable

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      • ura soul

        Storing & Preserving Carrots the Old Fashioned Way in the group: permaculture

        In this video Nigel shows us how he stores and preserves some home-grown vegetables (carrots and parsnips) for an extended period of time.

        keywords: carrots, carrot, food preservation, food


        • ura soul

          The first produce from my Organic Garden - 2017

          The appearance, feel, smell and taste of the vital energy in freshly picked fruit and veg does not easily compare to the half dead, denutrified and not entirely organic produce you will find in most 'organic' aisles at your local shop. Today I picked the first fresh food from my polytunnel in Eng...

          keywords: carrots, cucumber, polytunnel, biodynamic, organic

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