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25 results for "cell phones"



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    • ura soul

      Resonance - Beings of Frequency (HD) in the group: earth heart

      ...hties fewer than 3% of all people in most of the countries were using cell phones, but if you fast forward to today almost 100% of the people are using cell phones. By the time they're 19 or 20...


      • ura soul

        New Technology - A Battery-free Cellphone in the group: creativity

        ...ngton engineers present the first battery-free cellphone design that consumes onl...he new design can sense speech, actuate the earphones, and switch between uplink...arvesting power which enables the battery-free cellphone to operate continuously.


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        • ura soul

          Desperately seeking white zone (Trailer) in the group: holistic healing

          « I'm still in shock, this film is amazing ! » \n« A film which is full of sensitivity, hard-hitting statements and enlightening conclusions » Robin des Toits »\nOrder form for DVD « Desperately Seeking White Zone with english subtittles\n(58 minutes in length + 4 bonus films and print material) ...

          keywords: microwave, electronic pollution, electrosmog, electrosensitive, france, cell phones, microwave towers, headache, nervous system, imbalance


          • ura soul

            Cell Tower Radiation Prevents Garden Cress Seed Germination in Danish Experiment in the group: open hearted science

            What do cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & other “smart” devices all have in common? They emit radiation that no one wants to take seriously...

            keywords: cell phones, microwave, wifi, wi-fi, smart meters, cress, science, emf, emf radiation, radiation, plants, growing, food


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