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3 results for "cell phones"

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    • ura soul

      Desperately seeking white zone (Trailer) in the group: holistic healing

      « I'm still in shock, this film is amazing ! » \n« A film which is full of sensitivity, hard-hitting statements and enlightening conclusions » Robin des Toits »\nOrder form for DVD « Desperately Seeking White Zone with english subtittles\n(58 minutes in length + 4 bonus films and print material) ...

      keywords: microwave, electronic pollution, electrosmog, electrosensitive, france, cell phones, microwave towers, headache, nervous system, imbalance


      • ura soul

        Cell Tower Radiation Prevents Garden Cress Seed Germination in Danish Experiment in the group: open hearted science

        What do cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & other “smart” devices all have in common? They emit radiation that no one wants to take seriously...

        keywords: cell phones, microwave, wifi, wi-fi, smart meters, cress, science, emf, emf radiation, radiation, plants, growing, food


        • ura soul

          scientific studies show cell phone technology can cause cancer & brain damage in the group: holistic healing

          There is already much research that shows that cell phone technology is directly associated in the causality of cancer, brain damage and DNA damage. For those who do not yet know, the cell phone technology that many of us use daily was never really properly tested for safety. As is common, the gr...

          keywords: dna, cancer, cell phones, phones, mobile phones, tumors, microwave, rats, science, brain damage