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6 results for "censored"

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    • ura soul

      Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See in the group: transforming disaster

      From the CBC Website: http://cbc.ca/cgi-bin/templates/view.cgi?category=World&story=/news/2002/03/19/mideast_censor020319 Israeli army embarrassed by video broadcast Last Updated Tue Mar 19 19:52:12 2002 JERUSALEM - The Israeli army has expressed a note of contrition after a television statio...

      keywords: israel, palestine, war, denial, media, propaganda, censored

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      • ura soul

        denied, banned & censored: the lost integrity, balance & greatness of a planetary soul in the group: transforming disaster

        from secret weapons research and chemical testing on innocents who do not consent, through to child abuse on a grand scale, controlled mass-media delivering mind control programming and habitual lies from the ones who claim 'powers' and 'authority'; one observation is for sure - change is needed ...

        keywords: england, united kingdom, censored, denial, government, katalist, corruption, police, crime, evil, banned, 911

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        • ura soul

          NSA Caught Manipulating Online Polls & Preventing YouTube Videos From Going Viral in the group: network information

          NSA Caught Manipulating Online Polls & Preventing YouTube Videos From Going Viral.original text from the intercept and zdnet:https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/14/manipulating-online-polls-ways-british-spies-seek-control-internet/ http://www.zdnet.com/gchqs-dark-arts-leaked-leaked-doc...

          keywords: nsa, gchq, facebook, america, uk, youtube, sms, denial, censored

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          • ura soul

            Press Conference to Declassify the 28 Pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11 in the group: conspiracy realists

            On January 7, 2015, former Senator Bob Graham, Representative Walter Jones, Representative Stephen Lynch, and members of the 9/11 families including Terry Strada, all participated in a press conference on Capitol Hill to announce the filing of H. Res. 14 to declassify the excised 28 page chapter ...

            keywords: 28 pages, redacted, redaction, censored, 911 report, bush, 911, saudi arabia, america


            • ura soul

              the whistleblowers: yes, there ARE people speaking out! in the group: free will & non conformity

              a whistleblower exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization. the misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest - such as fraud, health and safety violations, and c...

              keywords: whistleblower, whistleblowing, whistleblowers, leaks, denial, courage, censored, secrets, integrity

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              • ura soul

                Disabled protestors occupy parliament in #SaveILF protest in the group: free will & non conformity

                24 June 2015

                keywords: england, police, parliament, disability, protest, censored

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