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2 results for "censoring"

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    • ura soul

      controlled media websites begin killing off comment sections in the group: network information

      Desperate to cling onto their ability to dictate reality, the crumbling mainstream media is beginning to kill off article comment sections in a cynical bid to silence dissenting voices. Studies confirm that article comments sections - for better or worse - are heavily swaying public opinion. How ...

      keywords: social networking, internet, censoring

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      • ura soul

        how facebook + google censor & mess with us.. and how wiser choices exist in the group: network information

        we are clearly not all aware of the way that social technology is being used to subtly influence our choices and how beneath the surface of the corporate logos and happy cat videos, lurk forces that most of us would not wish to be involved with in any way at all... from the prime creator of the u...

        keywords: social network, social networking, censoring, facebook, youtube, google, community, ureka, tribe.net, cia, mind control

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