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36 results for "censorship"

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    • ura soul

      Crony Virus: WHO & Gates Hack? Mcr$ft Implants | China Arrests | UK Vax | Lady Gaga | Censorship in the group: conspiracy realists

      An epic level of news stories continue to flow through the internet relating to investigations into the ties of high profile groups such as the WHO and Gates Foundation to dubious cronies with quite possibly nefarious agendas.Twitter has been awash with talk of a hack into the Gates Foundation se...

      keywords: crony virus, covid19, covid1984, gates foundation, who, lady gaga, censorship, facebook, vimeo, vaccinations, hong kong


      • ura soul

        Banned on Facebook: Top US Child Doctor Has No Clue On Key Vaccine Science Yet Seen As Expert in the group: conspiracy realists

        Facebook's Stasi-esque AI powered 'dept of truth' strikes again. Days after being mostly banned from posting to my own Facebook timeline for 2 months on false charges of being a nazi - I am now banned from posting totally for a few days.. Why? For shairng testimony from professional doctors! They...

        keywords: facebook, vaccinations, health, science, aluminium, court, censorship, informationwar


        • ura soul

          Why Crypto Powered 'HIVE' UNCENSORED Social Network & Video Are Exploding Now! 10X Crypto Price! in the group: network information

          The Epic Saga of the continued censorship of the web and limitation of free speech that amounts to a literal information war being waged by corporations and governments against everyone else is accelerating during this pandemic lockdown. Numerous high profile people from all walks of life have sp...

          keywords: hive, cryptocurrency, blockchain, steem, social networking, free speech, community, censorship


          • ura soul

            Youtube CEO Admits to ANTI SCIENTIFIC CENSORSHIP on Behalf of Politicised World Health Organisation in the group: conspiracy realists

            It comes as no surprise that Youtube has been censoring legitimate scientific debate, simply because it contradicts or challenges the views of certain organisations. At least Youtube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, has at last admitted this publicly. The reputation of the World Health Organisation has been ...

            keywords: youtube, free speech, censorship, covid1984, covid19, health, news, science, who


            • ura soul

              Can You Find This Video? in the group: conspiracy realists

              POST YOUR FINDINGS: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=36235The viral video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi's Covid-19 press conference is missing . . . from YouTube. But it's still on the web? Can you find it? Take James' challenge and find the video, save the video to your hard drive, and then te...

              keywords: covid1984, covid18, censorship, youtube


              • BlueTruth

                DAVID ICKE......GONE!!!

                Here's some contact info to try and get Icke's channel back:https://twitter.com/HighImpactFlixhttps://twitter.com/LondonRealTV (Get Brian Rose's attention and have his audience take to Twitter and demand Icke's return as well)Here's London Real's Last Video where Brian Rose discusses Icke's termi...

                keywords: Truth, Censorship, Freespeech, Agenda