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  • moving bodies

    inspirations in the body, bringing balance and alignment to ignored muscles and all of you.\r\nthere are many labels given to different styles of body movement and healing, such as yoga, bodywork and massage processes.\r\noften, the body/bodies are imbalanced due to unloving discipline and pressure in and on us. moving the body is one way to activate the energies of the body to catalyse change.
  • creativity

    ideas that are integrative, revolutionary & that stimulate changes that evolve and release the limitations & suppressions which pervade society
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    • cataleptik

      Unity Cognition: Apartment 3R Is Rawkin'

      ...tment 3R.   The group experiments with instrumental approaches and squabbles about the stage show.   It's all about going through changes and getting the sound from r...

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      • SoulFish

        Spare any change?

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        • ura soul

          sure - you've got a political choice!

          ...s in place of full truths - to garner support from the lowest common denominator in society.\r\nneither is balanced enough to bring the called for changes to earth.

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          • ura soul

            dollar bill pyramid

            ...re those who 'create it' may appear to have more power and will always be able to most easily hold more of it than others. by using that mode of exchange you are (probably without des...

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            • ura soul

              eastern australia - ufo

              ...h and then east.\r\nThen a third warm-orange glow appeared and suddenly changed direction, tracked north-eas...ink it is fascinating and if there is some credibility to it ... it has changed my mind that there could be...

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