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    • ura soul

      Why being a 'Master' isn't so great. in the group: creativity

      ...efinition. However, the process of 'mastering an art' is a process of channeling vision/intention into a manifested form (usually). The essence of channeling vision and intention is one t...


      • SoulFish

        Rutilated Quartz in the group: Crystals & Stones

        ...ield in times of emotional release or when one is in communication with the darker side of their psyche. It also aids in astral travel, scrying, channeling and for people who read, whet...

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        • SoulFish

          Tourmalated Quartz in the group: Crystals & Stones

          ...day to day, ongoing charm. Tourmalated quartz generate a large amount of light to encircle ones’ body, particularly in those receptive to channeling it. This light can heal, agai...

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