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    • Aknight

      Weather & Reality Creation

      Thought you all might find this interesting... Josh & Adrienne discuss the massive tornado activity in the US to explore how we create our weather metaphysically in...

      keywords: Peace, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Reality Creation, Extreme Weather, Self actualization, SOTU, Channeling, Soul, Divine Growth


      • Aknight

        What is the Purpose of our Human Journey?

        At the cross roads of Spirit & Matter... Josh, Adrienne & our friendly Over Soul SOTU - a 25 year journey in conscious creation. Excerpt of 4.7.19 'Healing the...

        keywords: channeling, peace, SOTU, metaphysics, conscious creation


        • innerverse

          Epiphanies of Heart ft. Ura Soul |Ureka.org - Heart-Centered Social Media|

          ...al telepathy/communication -> |Animal Communicator Documentary|\r\n\r\n\r\nUnderstanding who "they" are and how it applies to "us"\r\n\r\n\r\nChanneling high dimensional information\...