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    • ura soul

      Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money in the group: holistic healing

      Dr. Peter Glidden talks about the incredibly low success rate for chemotherapy as a cancer treatment. Be sure to talk to your doctor about all of your options before deciding on a cancer treatment path.

      keywords: chemotherapy, cancer, medicine, corruption, denial

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      • ura soul

        Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction in the group: holistic healing

        Dr.Rebecca Carley. ADVERSE REACTIONS to immunizations are more common than many people realize. Please visit her website: http://www.drcarley.com/ Dr. Rebecca (Roczen) Carley received her Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound, attended medical school (and received the Samuel L. Kountz award ...

        keywords: vaccines, cancer, detox, lymphoma, microwave, x-ray, chemotherapy, chemo

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