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    • ura soul

      comment on "Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking"

      @Chance - yes, sadly, the connection of politicians to child abuse is a longstanding pattern that isn't going to end with trump! james corbett is one of the few researchers i am confident in saying can be relied on to get to or close to the truth in many subjects. :)




      • ura soul


        MAKING POVERTY & CHILD SLAVERY UNAVOIDABLE SINCE... FOREVER!\r\none of the outcomes of 'capitalism' is that some members of the older generation control large amou...

        keywords: slavery, capitalism, money, child abuse, heartlessness, greed

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        • ura soul

          institutional child abuse in the group: cruelty to life

          the rape, torture, murder and ritual abuse of children is widespread in many areas of the...ipulation of society that uses the trauma of children to initiate mind control p...possible - especially through the weapon of child abuse and trauma based mind control...

          keywords: satanism, child abuse, murder, torture, mind control, ritual sacrifice, government corruption, heartlessness, denial, snuff films, evil

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          • ura soul

            denied, banned & censored: the lost integrity, balance & greatness of a planetary soul in the group: transforming disaster

            from secret weapons research and chemical testing on innocents who do not consent, through to child abuse on a grand scale, controlled mass-media delivering mind control programming and...

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            • ura soul

              David Shurter: "Thousands Of Children Are Murdered In Satanic Rituals, Every Year!" in the group: cruelty to life

              Please Support The Show – http://richieallen.co.uk/ David Shurter's Website - http://DavidShurter.com/ https://www.facebook.com/therichieallenshow http://www.youtube.com/RichieAllenShowMedia Tune in at 8pm GMT Mon - Thurs http://richieallen.co.uk/

              keywords: luciferianism, satanism, child abuse, bush, clinton, boys town, heath, saville, p.i.e.


              • ura soul

                unloving and twisted truths of christian dogmas in the group: aligning self for freedom

                four 'earth orbits (years) after my birth here i was inducted into a school which was not presented to me as being religious - yet every day we were essentially pressured and forced to sing christian 'hymns' - mostly twice a day.\r\nthese rituals were one of the least pleasant parts of my school ...

                keywords: church, catholic, child abuse, ritual abuse, luciferic, denial, heartlessness, anti-christ, christian, school, heart, love

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