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2 results for "childabuse"

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    • ura soul

      The Jeffrey Epstein-Barr Virus: Knowing The Symptoms Could Save Your Life! in the group: conspiracy realists

      The evil that stalks the innocent on Earth exists first as thoughts and denials within individuals.. A kind of sexual thought virus has been quietly evolving behind closed doors - gradually the pus has formed and now we feel more of the pain that has been here all along. We aren't dealing with a ...

      keywords: politics, informationwar, childabuse, mindcontrol, epstein, trump, america, familyprotection


      • ura soul

        Attorney general Bill Barr RECUSES himself from Epstein case in the group: conspiracy realists

        Attorney General Bill Barr is recusing himself from oversight of Jeffrey Epstein's prosecution, citing a potential law firm conflict - but not his father having hired Epstein as a private school teacher.

        keywords: epstein, america, childabuse